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The Fuelcell Propulsion Institute, founded in 1996 by Dr. Arnold R. Miller, began as an international nonprofit organization advocating for commercialization of fuelcell vehicles for industry. Utilizing public education, media communications, citizen mobilization, legislative lobbying, administrative lobbying, or litigation, the Institute advocated for ongoing and future vehicle development and demonstration projects.
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Publications Our Mission
To resolve worldwide issues of global climate change, energy efficiency, and energy security, the nonprofit Fuelcell Propulsion Institute undertakes research on hydrogen fuelcell-powered heavy industrial and transport vehicles. Using mathematical analysis and laboratory or field research, the Institute’s research interests include hydrogen production without greenhouse gases, vehicular hydrogen storage, and new-vehicle concepts and feasibility.
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Fuelcell Tutorial Fuelcell Tutorial
Fuelcells are electrochemical power devices that directly convert the chemical energy of a fuel into electric power. From hydrogen fuel and air (oxygen), they produce electricity and water - the reverse of water electrolysis. While fuelcells share principles of operation with batteries, they differ in that the electrochemically active materials, hydrogen and oxygen, are stored or are available externally and are continuously supplied to the device rather than being stored in the electrodes.
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Published 3 February 2010 :: Updated 01 March 2012